Want to hire our students?

QSpiders and JSpiders are among the largest software testing and development training organizations across the globe with branches in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. They are "finishing schools" that upskill job aspirants across streams to match industry standards.

QSpiders and JSpiders also have incubation centres across India. These incubation centres prepare students in the final semester of their graduate studies, so that they are deployable as soon as they graduate.

QSpiders and JSpiders hold the record of supplying the highest number of industry-ready technical resources.We can supply over 3500 technical resources at any time to meet the industry's demand.

Our Hiring Solution

Zero Cost Hiring is our proven solution which has history of placing 4,50,000 plus graduates across industry.

Our Zero Cost Hiring save major portion of hiring cost,

  • Readily available graduates, @ Qspiders & Jspiders will save the 90% Cost of sourcing candidates/ resumes,

  • Our Dedicated Delivery Team and Customized Delivery Model will save 70% of the Cost involved in Recruiting

Also Our Pre-assesment on Aptitude, Communication and Technical will save Time spent by a recruiter and hiring managers in the initial level of candidate interaction and evaluation, Time spent by a recruiter in coordination with candidates/ teams, follow-ups, scheduling, invigilation and other operational stuff.

  • Our Syllabus (Customized Syllabus as per industry), Our Resource Quality, Our Additional Training on Domain and Project Specific content will save 90% Cost of Training

Training turns out to be one of the costliest investments a company can make. In a report from Training magazine in 2007, companies spent an average of over $1,200 annually per employee

  • Our Dedicated infrastructure will save 80% of The cost involved in facility and Admin

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Sagar- 9742490958- sagar@qspiders.com