Spoken English


1. What is grammar?

2. What is a sentence?

3. Subject and Predicate

4. Phrase and Clause

5. What are the eight different parts of speech?

6. Conversion of a sentence from Active voice to Passive voice.

7. Tenses

8. How to convert a direct speech sentence to indirect speech?

Verbal Aptitude-

1. Analogy

2. Synonyms

3. Antonyms

4. Sentence correction

5. Sentence completion

6. Verbal reasoning

7. Reading comprehension

Soft Skills-

1. GD tips

2. Telephone Etiquettes: How to prepare for telephonic interviews?

3. Classroom Etiquettes: Some tips for behaviour in classroom during training period in corporate industry.

4. Interview Skills: Various types of HR questions and tips to crack HR round.

5. Body language: How to portray yourself without speaking, to create a positive impact on the interviewer?

6. Office Etiquettes: Office etiquette or manners is about conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in the office or workplace.

7. Dressing Etiquettes: How to dress appropriately for the interview?

Spoken English