General Aptitude

The test of general aptitude is the challenging first stage of assessment at almost all recruitment drives across sectors. It thus crucial for a prospective hire to pass the test to be able to progess further to the interview stages. The aptitude training program covers topics that are most commonly tested while being adaptive to current trends in the area of aptitude testing. The module equips students with the necessary concepts, tools and techniques to succeed at this initial stage of screening.  Below is a snapshot of the curriculum. 

A. Quantitative Aptitude

1. Numbers

  1. Number system
  2. Divisibility rules
  3. Remainder theorem
  4. LCM and HCF (with modules)
  5. Unit place digits

2. Arithmetic

  1. Ratio and proportion
  2. Percentages
  3. Averages
  4. Time and work
  5. Time, speed and distance
  6. Alligation and mixtures
  7. Partnership
  8. Profit and loss
  9. Simple and Compound Interest
  10. Clocks

3. Algebra

  1. Fundamental equations
  2. Calendars
  3. Set theory
  4. Progressions
  5. Ages

4. Geometry

  1. Mensuration
  2. Basic Trigonometry

B. Logical Reasoning

  1. Artificial language (Coding and decoding)
  2. Syllogisms
  3. Blood Relations
  4. Direction Sense
  5. Seating Arrangements (linear and circular)
  6. Visual Reasoning (two and three dimensional)
  7. Ranking

C. Verbal Ability

  1. Tenses
  2. Subject Verb Agreement
  3. Active and Passive Voice
  4. Conditionals
  5. Prepositions
  6. Articles
  7. Direct and Indirect Speech
  8. Word Analogies
  9. Parajumbles
  10. Critical Reasoning
  11. Reading Comprehension
  12. Vocabulary Building