Angular 6

1) Introduction about JavaScript with ECMA-6 New Features
a) Let, const
b) Function,
c) Arrow function
d) Array
e) String
f) Objects creation
g) json

2) Installation of Nodejs software and Webstorm software

3) Introduction about TypeScript
a) Variable declaration and method
b) Types in TypeScript
i) Number
ii) String
iii) Boolean
v) Any
c) Class and Object creation
d) Interface
e) Import and exports class
f) Modifiers
g) Inheritance

4) Set up the Development Environment of AngularJs-2 with CLI

5) Project file review

6) Architecture Overview

7) Modules

8) Components

9) Templates

10) Directives
a) Attribute
i) ngClass
ii) ngStyle
b) Structural
i) *ngIf
ii) *ngFor
iii) *ngSwitch
c) Custome
i) Highliter
ii) Dropdown

11) Forms module

12) DataBinding
a) Interpolation {{value}}
b) [Property] =”value”
c) (event)=”handler”
d) [(ngModel)] =”property”

13) Services

a) http methods like get, post

14) Dependency injection

15) MockUpInterview

16) Bootstrap and Jquery

17) Form Validation

18) Routing and Navigation

19) LoginPage validation

20) Projects